FROMELLES to KRITHIA – The Journey continues


 (photo: C. Munro)

FFFAIF member, Lambis Englezos AM, whose team found the lost Diggers of Fromelles in a mass grave alongside Pheasant Wood in 2008, has turned his attention to what he believes is another mass grave of at least 143 missing Australian Diggers on Gallipoli.

Together with John Basarin, a Turkish Australian volunteer at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, their story was told by 60 Minutes on Sunday night (5 April).                           

They first put their proposal to the Australian Government in November 2011, but were ignored until December 2014 when they received an email reply stating: “We will not consider any ground search unless we are certain of finding remains.”

Deja-vous? Lambis met with similar resistance for years in his search at Fromelles, but wasn’t put off then. He and John will not be put off now.

We do have that moral obligation. If you can find your war dead, you gotta do it,” Lambis said.

To view the 60 Minutes story go here

An abridged version of the proposal sent to the Australian Government available here


An Australian businessman, Len Kelly, leads a team of British and Belgian partners as they continue their search for 83 missing Diggers from the 45th AIF Battalion, lost since the Battle of Messines in 1917.

They’ve pinpointed a field near the cross-roads as the resting place of the 83 men.

Mark Donaldson VC, narrates the story of the search so far, and his report, shown on Channel 7’s  6 o’clock News Sunday (5 April)  is available at


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