“Fromelles Family” Gathering, Sydney, Saturday 23 June 2018

 There is an opportunity for descendants of soldiers who fought in the Battle of Fromelles to gather in Sydney to say G’day and Thank-you to some of the key people in the Fromelles story. They have been involved in raising awareness of the Battle of Fromelles, the search for soldiers who were buried by the Germans after the Battle and the campaign for their location, investigation, exhumation, and reinterment in the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery or the on-going quest to identify these soldiers and honour each of them with a named headstone.

 Those invited to attend include:

Lambis Englezos at Pheasant Woodl to r: Patrick Lindsay, Chris Bryett, Neville Kidd

Lambis Englezos                                                   Patrick Lindsay, Chris Bryett, Neville Kidd

Lambis Englezos AM who identified that the number of Australian soldiers killed in the battle did not match the number of soldiers buried by British and Australian forces in named and un-named graves and that some burial locations were therefore “missing”. It was the start of his quest to locate and honour these men.

Ray Martin AM whose 2006 story on the Battle of Fromelles on 60 Minutes featured FFFAIF’s French Member Yves Fohlen, which had such an impact that Ray has included it in his autobiographical Stories of my Life.

Chris Bryett, founder of Recovering Overseas Australian Missing (ROAM) who advocated for DNA testing and formed a privately funded team of internationally recognised experts to investigate the Pheasant Wood location.

Patrick Lindsay AM whose book Fromelles, published in 2007 did much to raise awareness of the research and campaigning of Lambis Englezos and his team and Chris Bryett with ROAM for the investigation of the “missing” soldiers of the Battle of Fromelles.

1 Fromelles 12 Dr Tony Pollard at Pheasant Wood 2008-S1011_07 Sml1 Fromelles 11 FFFAIF Historians in Canberra_2008_sml

Prof Tony Pollard, MAJGEN Mike O’Brien, Dr Denise Donlon, Peter Barton, MAJGEN Paul Stevens

Prof Bruce Scates, Lambis Englezos, Sandra Playle, Tim Lycett, Tim Whitford, Jim Munro

Professor Tony Pollard, who headed the Glasgow University Archaeological Research Department Team that was commissioned to undertake the non-invasive investigation in 2008 that confirmed the likelihood of soldiers remains in burial pits near Pheasant Wood.

Professor Richard Wright AM, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the University of Sydney, Senior Forensic Adviser to Oxford Archaeology during the Pheasant Wood mass graves exhumation and investigation at Fromelles.

Royce Atkinson, President of the Fromelles Association, leading continuing efforts to trace relatives whose DNA might match that extracted from the soldiers re-interred at Fromelles and thereby help identify more of them individually.

1 Fromelles 14 Richard Wright and Ambika Flavel June 2009

Prof. Richard Wright and Ambika Flavel

Take this opportunity to meet with other descendants and people with an interest in the Fromelles story to reflect on your own personal journey and how these key people may have contributed.

Join with descendants, members of the Families and Friends of the First AIF, the Fromelles Association, the Australian Branch of the Western Front Association and World War One Descendants along with other people with an interest in Fromelles in a “Fromelles Family” gathering.

Fromelles Family Gathering
Saturday 23 June 2018

1:30 for 2:00pm to 4:30 pm Saturday 23 June
Level 2, Club York (Bowlers Club of NSW),
99 York St, Sydney
Afternoon tea provided
Admission $15 or donation

RSVP to fromelles@fffaif.org.au
(so that the appropriate numbers of chairs and catering can be provided)

As we Keep The Memory Alive
Jim Munro

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