Bullecourt Remembers

Pte Frank Golden No.2166          Pte Claude Bingley No.2780

‘We will remember them’

FFFAIF Western Front Representative, Yves Fohlen, has recently announced a new project at Bullecourt in co-operation with the Jean & Denise Letaille Museum Association.

Yves says about the new project called “THEIR FACES”: The goal of that new project is to gather as many as possible faces of Diggers who died in the Bullecourt sector from 17 March 1917 to 30 June 1917…….firstly to make a file which could be seen by the visitors in the Bullecourt museum and also the Town Hall. Then to create a wall of Remembrance showing their faces.

So if FFFAIF members[and others] want join us  in the creation of “THEIR FACES” and to freely send us by email or by Snail mail copies of  photos of Diggers who never came back alive from Bullecourt sector….please get in contact with me. Thanks.

If you have a photo of an Australian soldier who made the supreme sacrifice at Bullecourt during the Great War and would like them to become part of the Bullecourt Wall of Remembrance please contact Yves at: enquiries@fffaif.org.au

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