DIGGER 12 title


Cover photo (b&w): The field near Merris where five Diggers were uncovered

Trench talk

President’s annual report

Letter from Gallipoli re: CPO EC Perkins, RANBT

Armistice Day accident in Wellington, NSW

The grave of Sgt HN Fisher, 15th Btn

The accidental death of Pte L Worthington in New York, USA

A corporal of the 10th LHR (photo)

‘Lucky thirteen’: a story by AE Novice

Identifying two unknown soldiers: Pte O Bartlett, 17th Btn; Pte B Bartlett, 17th Btn

Etched in Stone, Part 11

Digger profile: Pte James Inglis, 32nd Btn

The hell of Fromelles: extract from Bert Bishop’s book (55th Btn)

Lecture Day photos

Cooee March re-enactment, Sydney

Digger Quiz no. 12, with answers

‘The malingerer’, an account by Pte Claude Porter, 18th Btn

Digger profile: Alf Heywood, 1st LHR, 4th DAC, Y4A Mortar Bty

The reinterment of Cpl Ernest Corby, 3rd Btn, in Outtersteene Cemetery, France

Gallipoli landing re-enactment, Obelisk Bay, Sydney 1915

A soldier’s letter from the Dardanelles: Pte Bert Smythe, 3rd Btn

Extract from ‘We will remember them’ (John Laffin)

Photo of officers and men of the 32nd Btn, WA