Men of the 6th Reinforcements/4th Battalion, Stephen Brooks 3-7
News item: ‘Employment of Enemy Aliens’ at Melbourne University, 1915 7
The Battle of Krithia, 8 May 1915, Graham Hutchinson 8-11
After the Evacuation, Ken Millar, 2nd Bn, contrib. by Patric Millar 11
Determined to serve: Robert Edward Hemmings, various units, Greg Swinden 12-13
A nurse’s experiences, 1918, Sister Emily Taylor, AANS, contrib. by ‘Frev’ Ford 14-17
Letter: The Gallipoli Landing, Pte 4263 Frederick Richardson, 10th Bn 17
Ptes 357 Harry Wharton and 358 Les Wharton, 2nd Bn, Judy Grieve 18-22
Diary of Pte 4393 Alexander Wallace, 29th Bn (Part 2), courtesy of Stephanie Smyth 23-27
Pte 21625 Ken Beames, 1st Signal Squadron, Graeme Hosken 28-30
Letters from Gallipoli, Pte C Marshall, 12th Bn and Pte WE Young 30
Go forward to France, Shirley Durrant 31-34
Postscript: Pte Joseph Kleshenko, ‘Frev’ Ford and article in Grafton ‘Daily Examiner’ 35-36
Lieut John Christie Wright, 20th Bn, Judith Green 37, 40
Colour photographs relating to the AIF at Fromelles & Pozieres, 1916, various contributors 38-39
Tpr 2043 David O’Rourke, 12th LHR, Trevor Munro 41-42
Cpl 3316 Arthur Ford, 20th Bn, Graeme Hosken 43-44
Dr Frank Doak, RAMC, and family, Judith Green 45-46
‘Easter Sunday in the War Memorial’, Pte 3762 Bert Bishop MM, 55th Bn 46
Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th F Amb/15th LROC, Part 5, contributed by Tim Lycett 47-52
30th Bn anecdote, Lieut Col M Purser, 30th Bn 52
Cpl 2246 Eugene Hayres, 8th/60th Bns and APC, Dr Jim Roche 53-55
Staff Sgt John Gaukroger, 33rd Bn, Bill Durrant 55
L/Cpl 6515 Ernest Grivell, 10th Bn, Christopher Collins 56-57
Letter from Gallipoli: Pte T Bowers, 10th Bn 57
30th Bn anecdote, Sgt 398 Geoff Cowen, 30th Bn 57
Pte 5042 Frank Bolitho, 7th Bn, Jenny Chapman and Trevor Munro 58-59
Letter from Gallipoli, Pte 1401 Albert Briggs, 16th Bn 59
‘Daily doings on a troopship’, Cpl 306 Harry Matheson, 2nd Field Amb 60-62
German propaganda leaflet from Gallipoli, CEW Bean 62
Port Moresby’s WWI Memorial, Greg Knight 63-71
Capt Garnet Adcock, 2nd ATC, Greg Swinden 72-74
30th Bn anecdote, Pte 2101 Robert Mather, 30th Bn 74
Regular features
Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
DIGGER Quiz No. 54: Fromelles, Maurice Campbell 22
Answers to DIGGER Quiz 59
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75