Family connections: Pte 4642 Robert Erickson, 13th Bn; Pte 2361 Harry Le Clerc, 3rd Bn;

Sgt 639 Arthur Le Clerc, 13th Bn; Pte 13805 Harold Le Clerc, 4th FAmb; Spr 9902 Thomas

Le Clerc, 9th FCE, L/Cpl 1528 Herbert Langford, AASC/RN Greg Rogers 3-10

Letter 1917: Pte 2416 Sydney Gascoigne, 46th Bn, found on Trove 10

The man from Ironbarks: Pte 1961 Paul Parker, 34th Bn, Bill Durrant 11

Sgt 6 Joseph Rutherford MID, 7th Bn, Graeme Hosken 12-13

Red Dust (memoirs of a light horseman), Chapter 4, Tpr 3073 John Gray, 6th LHR 14-17

Gnr 3801 Robert Buie, 1st Pnrs/14th FAB, Greg Knight 18-20

Cpl 283 James Calder, No. 1 Sqn AFC, Peter Tremain 21-23

Mates from West Wyalong: Sgt 3113 Harold Stephenson, 56th Bn; Sgt 2965 Alexander

O’Connor DCM, 56th Bn; L/Sgt 2962 Alfred Miller, 56th Bn; Sgt 9175 Eric Marshman

MM, 56th Bn, Graeme Hosken 24-35

Pte 546 Edmund Reilly MM, 36th Bn, Bill Durrant 36-37

Pte 1328 William Charlton, 2nd Bn, Keith Charlton 38-39

The Carey brothers: Pte 5566 Charles, 22nd Bn; Pte 2585 Thomas, 18th Bn; Pte 4991

Alfred, 22nd Bn; Pte 719 Frederick, 36th Bn; Pte 6849 James, 1st Bn; Pte 6778 George, 22nd

Bn, found on Trove 39

Pte 6043 Walter England, 21st Bn, contrib. by Lyn Harrison, with Graeme Hosken 40-42

Dvr 1611 Arthur Philp, 5th LHR/5th DAC, contrib. by Lynore Philp, with Graeme Hosken 43

Kyoomba’s Russian TB cases, Deb Wheeler 44-45

Cpl 2366 David Duncan, 14th Bn/4th MG Bn, contrib. by Ron Morcom 46-50

Letter 1916: Pte 901 George Martindale, 59th Bn, at Fromelles, contrib. by Paul Cunningham 51-54

Extract from 10th FAB unit diary, Capt William Quilty, RMO 55

Letter 1916: ER/Sgt 1717 George Hart, 57th Bn/AAPC, found on Trove 56-58

Lieut Alister MacCulloch, 7th FAB, Peter Tremain 59-66

Essay: 2019 John Laffin Memorial History Prize recipient, Emma Johnson, Deakin

University 67-71

Old AIF days: promotions and reductions, Bombardier ‘PIASSABA’, found on Trove 72-73

Letter 1915: Sgt 568 Athol Burrett, 3rd Bn, wounded at Gallipoli, found on Trove 73

Christmas Days in the AIF, ‘Digger’, found on Trove 74

Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2

AIF anecdotes & cartoons: Memories of Digger days 13,17,23,35,37,42,43,45,54,66,71

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75

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