Cover illustration: ‘Fame – these are mine’ by Ellis Silas, 11th Btn


Trench talk
Civilian headstones of Diggers in Peak Hill cemetery
Compulsory military training 1910-1914
The AE2: the sub that shaped Gallipoli
AGM Canberra weekend: photos
The artillery land on Gallipoli: Gnr B Lyall, 2nd FAB
Digger profile: Gnr Harold Fieldsend, 1st Bty, 1st FAB
Soldiers of Australia, People of Australia (a poem by Jean Marie Monka)
Letters from Cpl Bert Smythe, 3rd Btn (at the Dardanelles)
Order of next-of-kin for medals
An Anzac’s bullet: the accidental shooting of Pte Charles McLellan
The Passchendaele Archives project, Ypres
Three Tunnellers KIA on 4th November 1918 (Barrett, Davey, Johnson)
The Dead Man’s Penny and Memorial Scroll
Death of Gnr Bob Macken, 5th FAB
Field Punishment system
Digger profile: Pte Frank Naveau, 5th DAC & Russian Relief Force
‘To a comrade’: a poem by GK Leggatt for Mick Logan KIA
Etched in Stone, Part 12
Australians in the Zeebrugge Raid, 23rd April 1918
The Cameliers’ reputation
Premature death and aging of AIF veterans 1919-39
Digger profile: Lieut Charles R Nicholson, MC, 17th Btn
The old war dog (letter extract: Gallipoli evacuation)
Diary by Tpr J Wilde, 1st LHR, reveals link with famous ALH grave photo
A moving epitaph (Pte O Hay, 9th Btn)
Letter extract re Christmas 1915 (A Thynne, 2nd Pioneers)
Report on John Laffin Scholarship: Bruce Scates, UNSW
The Hamel diorama at Forbes RSL Club
Aussie bravado leads to own death (Sgt Ballantyne, Krithia)
Unveiling of William Leggett Memorial, Goulburn
Convalescents at Wareham, October 1916 (group photo)
Digger Quiz No. 13, with answers
Cost of WWI infantry kit
Digger profile: Lieut George H Long, MM, MSM, 5th AFA
Letter from Gnr WJ Duffel