First ashore at Gallipoli, Tim Lycett 3-8

Christmas in Harefield, 1915, Nurse H Chadwick AANS, contrib. by Heather ‘Frev’ Ford 9-10

The evacuation of Gallipoli, Pte 2245 George Mundy, 3rd Bn, contrib. by Barrie Brewer 11-12

Hated to leave (the evacuation of Gallipoli), Ken Millar, 2nd Bn, contrib. by Patric Millar 12-13

Bringing in the prisoners, Captain Eric Wren, 3rd Bn History: ‘Randwick to Hargicourt’ 13

The hunt for dad’s trench, Graham Hutchinson and Tim Leslie (ABC) 14-17

Letter: 2/Lieut Lesley Dummer, 41st Bn, ‘NT Times and Gazette’, found on Trove 17

Abner Dalzell, RAN, ANMEF, RANBT, AFC, AIS, AAC, Greg Swinden 18-20

The bravery awards of Chard Neve revisited, 12th Bn, Graeme Hosken 21-25

Christmas on Lemnos, 1915, Sister E Taylor, AANS, contrib. by Heather ‘Frev’ Ford 25

Pte 733 Arthur Bolitho, 7th Bn, Jenny Chapman and Trevor Munro 26-30

Letter re: Pte 319 Walter Fraser, 14th Bn, unknown author, contrib. by Bryan MacKenzie 31

Pte 12295 William Fraser, 10th FAmb, Graeme Hosken and Bryan MacKenzie 31

Pte 82 James Sheehan, 30th Bn, Graeme Hosken, with thanks to ‘Frev’ Ford and Brenda Leece 32-34

AIF Recruitment in 1914, ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ article, 22/9/1914 35-36

Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th FAmb/15th LROC, Part 4, contributed by Tim Lycett 37-41

Lieut Col Jack Antill, 3rd LH & 2nd Inf Bdes: the main culprit at The Nek, Ross McMullin 42-44

Diary of Pte 4393 Alexander Wallace, 29th Bn, Part 1, courtesy of Stephanie Smyth 45-49

Pte Joseph Kleshenko, 8th LHR, 17th, 1st, 29th Bns, Graeme Hosken 50-51

Sgt 3970 Martin O’Meara VC, 16th Bn, Noreen O’Meara 52-56

Pte 1305 Claude Masterson, 33rd/3rd Bns, Rod Carpenter, with thanks to Trish Doyle 57

Pte 6320 Stanley Stephens (a Coo-ee), 13th Bn, Helen Thompson 58-61

Postscript to article in DIGGER 52: Francis Read, NZEF, contrib. by Carol Sharp 61

2015 AGM report, Jim Munro 61

Diggers in the Coolac cemetery, Graeme Hosken 62-66

Letter: Pte 3051 William Garr, 4th Pnr Bn, ‘NT Times and Gazette’, found on Trove 66

Cpl 5710 Laurence Howie, 3rd FCE: war artist, Judith Green 67-68

‘Your Friend, the Enemy’ (art exhibition report), John Payne 69-73

L/Cpl 68 Harry Bowden MM & Bar, 14th FAmb, Graeme Hosken 74

Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2

DIGGER Quiz No. 53: The RAN and the First Convoy, Maurice Campbell 49

Answers to DIGGER Quiz 56

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75