DIGGER 27 cover website


Cover photo: Mrs Cassie Robertson and cadets

Trench Talk & contact details

Biography of our Patron-in-Chief, the Gov-Gen.

Governor-General visits Dar es Salaam graves

Torpedoing of the ‘Southland’ 1915

Poem, ‘Why?’

George Martindale, 59th Bn, at Fromelles

Pte Noel Robertson, 10th LHR

The Carman brothers

John Laffin lecture notice and RSVP

Berthe’s letters to Claude

The Mott brothers

Lt WM Chisholm, 1st Bn, East Lancashires

J Hartley, 12th MGC & C Holland, 55th Bn

WOII George Fuzzard, 8th LHR, Part 1

Major JM Lean, Base Records Office

Visitors to Australia from Merris

Johan Vanderwalle in Australia

Lt Arthur Wheen, 54th Bn

2008 John Laffin Travel Prize presentation

Lt W Oldham, 56th Bn

Capt Tom Mann, 2nd Bn

2008 John Laffin Travel Prize (photos)

Major Robert Chapman, RE

The Wheeler boys

Pte TG Clements, 8th Bn

Capt Ted Freeman, 8th Bn

Miss Bertoli’s letters from General Birdwood

Cpl J Benson, 16th Bn & Cpl L Benson, APC

In the footsteps of Pte Justy Hudson, 3rd Bn

Report on Bathurst regional meeting

Etched in Stone

First Australians to die on WF in British forces

Digger Quiz No. 27

Digger Quiz No. 27 Answers

11th LHR anecdotes