The PNG grave of Lieut Col Maurice Wilder-Neligan, 9th & 10th Bns, Greg Knight 3-7

Dvr 2098 Cecil Barram, 5th FAB, Lynora Conley 8-12

Nurses at the wartime wedding of Sr Nell Pike and Cpl 4414 Charles Laffin, Sue Tongue 13-15

Red Dust (memoirs of a light horseman), Chapter 6, Tpr 3073 John Gray, 6th LHR 16-21

Sgt 2769 William Cecil Storer CdG, 24th Bn, Graeme Hosken 22-26

Pte 4053 George Anderson, 12th Bn, Jeanette Jackson and Rupert Dalley 27-39

Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th Fld Amb, Vol II (1916), Part 2, contrib. by Tim Lycett 40-43

Garcon of the 12th Machine Gun Company, Greg O’Reilly 44-45

Tpr 3651 Herbert Bowden, 12th & 7th LHRs: the last of the light horsemen, Greg Knight 46

Pte 160/613 Fred McFee, 4th LHR/1st ALROC, Ron Morcom and Graeme Hosken 47-48

Men from the Wellington district: Tpr 1889 William Dunbar, 12th LHR; Tpr 1972 Joseph Yeo, 12th LHR/1st FE; Tpr 1951 Colin Douglas, 12th LHR/4th MGS; Tpr 1975 Walter Jackson, 12th LHR/4th MGS; Tpr 1973 Leslie Yeo, 12th LHR/4th MGS; Tpr 1941 Thomas Bennetts, 12th LHR; Pte 3146 Tom Yeo, 13th Bn; Pte 7094 Doug Yeo, 3rd Bn, Trevor Munro 49-59

Pte 3078 Arthur Henry Reeves, 47th Bn, Graeme Hosken 60-68

1916 letter: Gnr 21034 Patrick Harney, 9th FAB, found on Trove 68

54A: The 1928 Hamilton Tram Depot Monument, John Ramsland 69-73

1916 letter: Pte 546 Roy Lemon attends an Egyptian wedding, found on Trove 74

Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2

AIF anecdotes: ‘It happened in the AIF’, Sporting Globe 12, 26, 43, 48

News of book releases 2, 15, 21, 48

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75


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