DIGGER is the quarterly magazine of Families and Friends of First AIF.

Each edition of DIGGER contains many articles and photos, the majority of which are published for the first time and are provided by members. Take some time to have a look at some of the past DIGGER magazines.

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The next edition of DIGGER – Number 76 – is due for release in September 2021.
If you have an idea for a story in DIGGER please contact Graeme Hosken digger@fffaif.org.au


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First Issue 2002

DIGGER_1_October 2002


Acknowledgements and credits for the DIGGER Team:
The Contributors, mostly FFFAIF members, who have told or shared their stories or items of interest.
FFFAIF Secretary Graeme Hosken has edited issues 9-65. Inaugural President Craig Laffin edited issues 1-8.
Past President Russell Curley has been the proof-reader for all issues and compiled the Index for issues 1-24. Geoff Lewis has compiled the Indexes for issues 25-65. Kelly Henderson has developed the consolidated index.
Aaron and the team at the Colour Copy Shop at Dubbo has printed issues 22 to 65. Former Membership Secretary Alan Kitchen printed earlier issues. Past Committee Member Trevor Munro has assisted in packaging and distribution of DIGGER.
FFFAIF’s former Web-Manager Chris Bartolo set up many of the web postings for issues 1-49 and Past President Russell Curley and President Jim Munro have extended these.

Contact the Editor of DIGGER at editor@fffaif.org.au

DIGGERs No. 1 – 10