Memoirs of Pte 1172 Clifford Sharman, 26th Bn, Part 1, Owen Cook  3-14

Analysis of the 4th Machine Gun Battalion at Hamel, 4 July 1918, Greg O’Reilly  15-19

‘Sorry, you two Australian Mums’: the death of Gnr 3513 Stanley Pearson, 1st FAB HQ, at Cape Helles, Michael Crane and Bernard de Broglio  20-26

1916 letter: Tpr 1314 John Briscoe, 2nd LHR, found on Trove  26

Pte 5415 Matthew McGann, 23rd Bn, Graeme Hosken  27-31

1918 letter: Sgt 1710 John McRae, 48th Bn, found on Trove  31

Red Dust (memoirs of a light horseman), Chapter 9, Tpr 3073 John Gray, 6th LHR  32-35

1918 letter: Pte 2828 John Hudson, 42nd Bn, found on Trove  35

Pte 1235 Job Sheldon, 34th Bn, Bill Durrant  36

Bandsman 2161 Ted McMahon stops the war, Neville Browning  37

Colour centrespread 1: Cemeteries and memorials on the Western Front, Heather Ford  38

Colour centrespread 2: War memorials in Wagga Wagga, contrib. by Greg Davis  39

The Wagga Wagga Memorial Arch, contrib. by Greg Davis  40

WWI Diggers buried in Cairns Pioneer Cemetery, Greg Knight  41-48

Ross Bastiaan’s Mouquet Farm plaque, John Skene and Graeme Hosken  48

Sgt 525 Cyril Kirby MM, 31st Bn, Mick James, Peter Nelson and Ann Kirby  49

Gallipoli diary of Pte 106 Harry Cicognani, Part 3 (final), contrib. by Robyn Smith  50-56

Spr 2426 Frederick Leslie Sainty, 14th FCE, Graeme Hosken & Trevor Edwards  57-66

Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th Fld Amb, Vol II (1916), Part 5, contrib. by Tim Lycett  59-60

Pte 2017 Alfred Wright, 25th Bn, contrib. by Jillann Kerr  71-73

1918 letter: Pte 2312 Thomas Brown, 4th MG Sqn, found on Trove  74

Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details  2

AIF anecdotes from Memories of Digger days, ‘The World’s News’ & Cartoon from ‘Smith’s Weekly’  37, 56, 66, 70

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery  75

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