Pte 2228 Edgar Robards, 13th Bn, & the 4th Brigade in August 1915, Dean Sherringham 3-17
Cpl 2604 Athol Kirkland, 34th Bn, Andrew Pittaway 18-21
Membership reminder for 2016/17: summary of renewal information 21
Essendon’s ‘Three Musketeers’: Stones, Walker and Elliot, Ross McMullin 22-25
Diary of Pte 4393 Alexander Wallace, 29th Bn (Part 3, final), courtesy Stephanie Smyth 26-28
Pte 4432 Victor Backhouse, 54th Bn, Greg Swinden 29-30
John Hamilton VC statue for Orange; Hamilton genealogy, contrib. by Richard Castine 30
Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th F Amb/15th LROC, Part 6, contributed by Tim Lycett 31-36
Llew, Reg and Ray Jones, brothers in the 14th Bn, Faye Threlfall and Graeme Hosken 37-41
Letter from the Front, 1916, Pte 2600 Charles Cowley, 7th Bn 41
4th Class Naval Staff Clerk Royal Mungovan, Greg Swinden 42-43
‘Little Willie’ and Sgt McDuff, Lieut Col M Purser, 30th Bn 43
Lieutenant Colonel Lancelot Fox Clarke DSO, VD, 12th Bn, Andrea Gerrard 44-52
Letter from the Front, Sgt 7652 Robert Donaldson, 5th FAB 52
Letter after Pozieres, Pte 4539 HG ‘Harry’ Hartnett, 2nd Bn 53-55
For Valour: Anzac VC Recipients on the Western Front, 1916, Part 1, Geoff Lewis 56-64
Letter from the Front, 1916, Cpl 108 Charles Scott, 2nd LHR 64
Three GW Lloyds in the AIF, Graeme Hosken 65-66
Letters from the Front, 1916: Sgt 1887 John Booth; Pte Denis McMahon 66
The Memorial Tree: the Smiths brothers of Geelong, Barry Abley 67-69
Spr 411 Samuel Bolitho, 4th MG Coy, Jenny Chapman and Trevor Munro 70-72
Letter from the Front, 1917, Sgt Roy Warwick, 34th Bn 72
L/Cpl 4371 Walter Bray, 18th Bn, Greg Swinden 73-74
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Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
DIGGER Quiz No. 55: The Army Postal Service, Maurice Campbell 25
Answers to DIGGER Quiz 69
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75