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2nd Lieut Bert Crowle and 2nd Lieut Leo Butler at Puchevillers, Brett Arnfield 3-10
Photo: ‘Anzac Cove looking North’, Lieut HG Carter, 1st Bn 10
Walter Matthews and Roy Justice, HMAS ‘Australia’, Greg Swinden 11-12
Sgt John Kelly, 30th Bn and Elope Force (Russia 1919), Patric Millar 13-17
Sgt William King, 1st Aust Tunnelling Company, Valmai McKenzie and Graeme Hosken 18-19
Diary extract for 25 April 1915, Captain Beresford Bardwell, 11th Bn 19
Sister Mary Timms, QAIMNSR, Judith Green 20-21
Pozieres Remembrance Association: fundraising appeal for Memorial Park 21
On active service: Sgt John Falconer, 18th Bn, Part 2, courtesy Neil Falconer 22-25
Cpl/2nd Lieut Frank Shapira, 18th Bn/AFC, Graeme Hosken 25
For Valour: Anzac VCs awarded at Gallipoli, Part 1: Jacka, Keysor, Symons, Geoff Lewis 26-28
Bud the Monkey extract: Miners’ Mice, Lin MacDonald, contributed by Russell Curley 29-30
Lieut John Ion, 32nd Bn, Yves Fohlen 30
Lieut John Cosson DCM, 48th Bn, Andrew Pittaway 31-34
Pte Arthur Veitch and Pte Donald Veitch, 7th Bn, Stephen Brooks 34
Sara McCulloch: war bride, Graeme Hosken 35-37
Photo: William Lycett and mates, 4th Field Ambulance, contributed by Tim Lycett 37
Gallipoli scenes: colour photographs of Gallipoli today, Heather F, Andrew P and Garry S 38-39
Lieut Robert Poore, 1st LHR/5th Div MMP/56th Bn, Trevor Munro 40-49
Poem: ‘Australians to the Rescue’, Samuel Chapman, 33rd Bn, contributed by Lorraine Judge 50
Pte William Bower, 33rd Bn, Rod Carpenter and William Durrant 51-52
Where is CEW Bean? Geoff Lewis 52
Letter: Signaller ‘Bert’ Smythe, 3rd Bn, courtesy Margaret McIntosh-Clarke & Jacqueline Kennedy 53-56
Photo: ‘Anzac Cove looking NNW’, Lieut HG Carter, 1st Bn 56
Postscript: Colin Harkins, 2nd Pnrs, contributed by Narelle Harkins 57
Postscript: Pte Vernon Mullin, 7th Bn, contributed by Margaret Johnston, with Graeme Hosken 58-60
Photo: ‘Looking North from Anzac Heights’, Lieut HG Carter, 1st Bn 60
2nd Cpl John Rodgers, 2nd Aust Tunnelling Company, Valmai McKenzie 61-67
‘Private Scheragn’/Clarence Schwager, Trevor Munro 67
Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th FA/15th LROC, contributed by Tim Lycett 68-74

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Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
DIGGER Quiz No. 50: Gallipoli, Middle East and Western Front, Maurice Campbell 49
Answers to DIGGER Quiz 74
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75