Tour of a 35th Bn Company in the front line at Ypres, 1917, ‘Detonator’, AWM collection  3-6

Postscript: 35th Bn men killed 29 Sept to 4 Oct, 1917, Stephen Brooks  6-7

3rd Division AIF rest schedule, Mjr Gen John Monash, contrib. by Bill Durrant  7

Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th Fld Amb, Vol II (1916), Part 4, contrib. by Tim Lycett  8-11

L/Sgt 4028 Archie Long MM, 1st Pnrs/4th Bn, Trevor Munro  12-14

Pte 4029 Edward Long, 4th Bn & 1st Pnrs, Trevor Munro  15-16

1918 letter: Pte 5468 Herbert Banks, 14th Bn, found on Trove  16

Account of a raid by men of the 34th Bn, May 1917, Lieut Ernest Shannon, Unit war diary  17

A lucky escape at Treux for Pte 469 Charles Oakhill MM, 3rd MG Bn, 3rd MG Bn Unit war diary for May 1918  18-19

Cpl 2413 Cornelius Mahony, 17th Bn, Phillip Mahony & Graeme Hosken  20-22

Roll call of Mahony relatives in the Great War, contrib. by Bernadette Mahony  22

1915 letter: L/Cpl 72 Eugene Mahony, 2nd Bn, contrib. by Bernadette Mahony  23

Gallipoli diary of Pte 106 Harry Cicognani, 1st Fld Amb, Part 2, CH Cicognani  24-31

13th Fld Amb stretcher-bearers captured at Mouquet Farm, POW statements, NAA  32-37

Red Dust (memoirs of a light horseman), Chapter 8, Tpr 3073 John Gray, 6th LHR  38-42

1918 letter: Sgt 5826 Robert Danaher, 17th Coy AASC, found on Trove  42

Fromelles, 19 & 20 July 1916: The ‘battle’ classified as an ‘attack’, Geoffrey Benn  43-55

1918 letter: T/Sgt 3685 Leslie Best, Corps Sig Coy, found on Trove  55

Pte 1874/1764 Charles Boylan, 1st Bn & post-war soldier-settler, Graeme Hosken  56-58

1916 letters: Pte 82 James Sheehan, 30th Bn & Dvr 97 John Johnstone, 8th LHR, from Trove  58

1918 letter: Pte 6408 Duncan Spence, 23rd Bn, found on Trove   68

‘Egyptian hospitals’: The care of our gallant wounded, HT Ferrar, 1915  59-60

Pte 1076 Joseph Burns, 19th Bn, Graeme Hosken, Sean McManus & Peter Benson  61-68

Humour amid Anzacs, ‘Irwin Index’ 1953, found on Trove  69-71

Lieut Ralph Doughty MC, 3rd FAB, at Pozieres, diary extracts contrib. by Peter Kivell 71

1918 Christmas dinner in Belgium, Pte 959 Thomas Dwyer MM, 24th Bn, found on Trove 72

Report on the 2021 John Laffin Memorial Lecture by Meleah Hampton, Paul Simadas 73

1918 letter: Pte 2312 Thomas Brown, 4th MG Sqn, found on Trove 74

Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details  2

AIF anecdotes: ‘Memories of Digger days’, ‘The World’s News’19, 31

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery  75

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