2nd Lieut William Harold Treloar, AFC, Heather Ford  3-9

Sister Ella Lord, AANS, contrib. by Faye Threlfall  10-12

1916 letter: L/Cpl 1524 Frederick McCann, 15th Bn, found on Trove  12

Pte 1515 Eugene Sullivan, 9th Fld Amb, Harold O’Keeffe  13-14

Checklist when taking over a new sector of the line, 34th Bn war diary  14

Tragedy for the 9th Fld Amb at Passchendaele, Graeme Hosken & Peter Benson  15-22

Capt Arthur McIntosh, 1st Bn & Dental Corps, contrib. by H Cooper, G McIntosh, B Cooper  23-24

L/Cpl 5622 William Mitchell, 18th Bn, Peter Bartley  25-27

Red Dust (memoirs of a light horseman), Chapter 7, Tpr 3073 John Gray, 6th LHR  28-34

The Skidmore siblings in WWI: Pte 228 Hector (2nd Bn), Margaret (AANS, Salonika), Jean (AANS, India), Graeme Hosken  35-45

Tpr 82 Harry Bunyan MM, 12th LHR, Trevor Munro  46-50

Pte 50978 George Herbert Taylor, 35th Bn, Bill Durrant  51-53

Chaplain Adam Stuart McCook, Bill Durrant  53

Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th Fld Amb, Vol II (1916), Part 3, contrib. by Tim Lycett  54-57

Pte 4251 Roy Mayall, 7th Bn, found on Trove  57

“Cheer-Up” in South Australia, Paul Simadas  58

Lieut Leslie Butler MC, DCM, 9th Bn, Marie McAleer, Sue Tongue & Graeme Hosken  59-60

‘Star Effort at Gallipoli’ – the Gallipoli Star medal, Paul Simadas 60

Cpl 176 Sutton Henry Ferrier MG, 10th LHR, Ian Gill  61-62

Pte 106 Claude Henry Cicognani, 1st & 13th Fld Amb, Robyn Smith & Graeme Hosken  63-66

The diary of Pte 106 Claude Henry Cicognani (Part 1: Egypt), CH Cicognani  66-72

Pte 1375 George Thomas Wilson, 34th Bn & 3rd MG Bn, Ian Wilson, B Durrant & G Hosken  73-74


Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2

AIF anecdotes: ‘Memories of Digger days’, ‘The World’s News’ 9, 24, 27, 34, 45

Arabic-English translations, from the diary of CH Cicognani 12, 58, 62

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery  75

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