Are you interested in becoming a member of The Families and Friends of the First AIF (FFFAIF)?

Are you interested in receiving our flagship quarterly magazine DIGGER and its occasional electronic companion COBBeR? Electronic copies of these are some of the benefits of FFFAIF membership. Others benefits include participating in commemorations and advocacy to preserve or enhance Digger heritage, participating in our Facebook group, meeting people with similar interests who can assist or collaborate with your interests and having access to research done by FFFAIF members through our web-site and back issues of DIGGER and DIGGER indexes downloadable from our web-site.

We have 2 classes of membership:

Plus Membership: is our premium membership for $65 per annum for Plus Members, Plus Corporate membership and $60 for Plus Concessional members (students, under 18s, seniors) and  has all the benefits of e-membership PLUS:

  • four printed copies of DIGGER each year, plus
  • printed versions of the AGM materials (if you do not have a current e-mail address) .

Select this option wish to maintain a library of DIGGER issues in hard copy form OR if you DO NOT have a current e-mail address.

e-membership: e-members and e-corporate members pay $A40 pa and e-concessional membership (students, under 18s, seniors) pay $A35 pa for membership which includes:

  • full membership rights including voting at AGM meetings,
  • discounts on War Book Shop purchases,
  • electronic invitations to the John Laffin Memorial Lectures, commemorations and other events,
  • downloadable back issues of DIGGER and DIGGER indexes,
  • invitations to participate in FFFAIF battlefield tours,
  • access to the FFFAIF Facebook group and website,
  • four searchable electronic issues copy of our flagship DIGGER magazine each year, e-mailed as a pdf and readable on PC and tablets;
  • copies of our electronic COBBeR magazine
  • electronic versions of the AGM materials, e-mailed to you. Select this option if you have a current e-mail address and a device on which to download, store and read DIGGER and you wish to reduce your cost of membership.

Overseas membership welcome – e-membership rates are the same as for Australian members but PLUS membership rates vary to reflect the additional cost of international postage – please contact Membership Secretary for details.

Membership group PLUS Members PLUS Concession PLUS Life & Veterans e-Member e-Concession
2020/21 Australian Membership fees $65 $60 $25 $40 $35
2020/21 Overseas Membership fees $95 $90 $55 $40 $35

Contact our Membership Secretary at for more information or download an Application Form from the link below and email to or post it to :

The Membership Secretary FFFAIF
PO Box 4245
NSW 2428


FFFAIF Constitution and Objectives November 2011

FFFAIF Application and Renewal Forms:
[Hint: right click on mouse to open in new tab.]

FFFAIF Application form AUS 2022-23 (PDF version)

FFFAIF Application form AUS 2022-23 (Word version)

FFFAIF_Application_form_Overseas 2022-23 (PDF version)

FFFAIF_Application_form_Overseas 2022-23 (Word version)

FFFAIF Membership renewal form AUS 2022-23 (PDF version)

FFFAIF Membership renewal form AUS 2022-23 (Word version)

FFFAIF Membership renewal form Overseas 2022-23 (PDF version)

FFFAIF Membership renewal form Overseas 2022-23 (Word version)

FFFAIF Membership renewal LIFE_and_VETERAN_members 2022-23 (PDF version)

FFFAIF Membership renewal LIFE_and_VETERAN_members 2022-23 (Word version)


FFFAIF has members from Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland and UK.

All our members share the philosophy of KTMA – Keeping The Memory Alive.

Take time to meet some of our members and become a member yourself.

Yves Fohlen – France

Mike Goodwin – Australia

Graeme Hosken – Australia

 Johan Durnez – Belgium

Anny De Decker – Belgium