Montbrehain: the AIF’s last battle of the war, Evan Evans 3-8
Ptes 6509 Huntsman, 6987 Eacott, 7th Bn, and 6831 Neilson, 8th Bn, Andrew Pittaway 9-10
SALIENT: Contemporary artists at the Western Front (exhibition), Compiled by Jill Hayes 11-12
The legacy of Pte 6020 Douglas Grant, 13th Bn, John Ramsland 13-23
Cpl Vine’s grave at Camden, found on Trove 23
Stories of SA brothers in the AIF, Judith Green 24-28
Postcard from opening of Australian National Memorial 1938, Greg Knight 28
Memoirs of Pte 2369 Verdi Schwinghammer, 42nd Bn (Part 2), edited by Graeme Hosken 29-33
Captain David Martin MC, 12th MG Company (4th MG Bn), Greg O’Reilly 34-41
Sgt 191 Albert Tuck, 4th Bn, and the floating cross, Bill Durrant 42-43
Bill’s choice: gunner’s bravery at Cape Helles, found on Trove 43
Cpl 372 Charles Lane and Private 648 Reinhold Ruschpler, 4th MG Bn, Graeme Hosken 44-49
Ptes 2736 Alexander Levings and 2737 Norman Levings, 7th Bn, Stephen Brooks 50-51
Soldiers’ memories: Misplaced kindness; Hard luck Digger; Duckboards, found on Trove 51
Ptes 3639 V Gardner, 54th Bn, & 3160 CC Wheeler, 4th Bn, Kerry Patman & Graeme Hosken 52-59
Soldiers’ accounts of Hamel and Amiens 1918, found on Trove 60-62
For Valour: Australian VC recipients 1918 (Part 4: 31 Aug – 12 Sept), Geoff Lewis 63-73
Pte 1881 Samuel Baguley, 17th Bn, Graeme Hosken 74
Regular features
Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75

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