Cover photo: Troopers of 2nd LHR


Trench Talk
Mud, blood and gum leaves
Boorowa War Memorial
Death of the Anzacs? 5th Bn KIA Aug. 1918
Sergeant HJ Yeend, 24th Bn: Part 9 (final)
A visit to the Nek, 92 years on
Private Nicholas Permakoff, 4th Bn
L/Cpl William Norman, 4th Bn</span
Visiting Fromelles in 2007
Extracts from ‘There and Back’
Driver Albert Hudson, DCM, 7th LHR, Arty.
The mystery of Private Richard Mellor
The Amiens Railway Gun
Corporal James Brazel, 2nd Bn, APC
CSM Jarvis Latham, 3rd LROC
Lieutenant Stanley Rowbotham, 1st Bn
Wartime artefacts of Jarvis Latham
Sergeant Harold Littlejohns, 1st MGB
A War orphan’s story
PO Stoker John Hughes, RAN
Etched in Stone
Digger Quiz; Trench Talk Part II
Digger Quiz answers