Cover photo: Private Horace Balcomb, 54th Bn

Trench Talk & contact/membership details

The 18th Battalion at Hill 60, Gallipoli

L/Cpl Vernon Little, 2nd/54th Bns – KTMA

Pte Alexander Little, 10th Bn (Blargies mutiny)

Cpl Sydney Aubrey, 1st Bde HQ

3rd Bn soldiers killed at Bullecourt (Smythe)

Lieut Fernleigh Bruton MC, 1st Bn/GMP

Cpl Arthur Hall VC, 54th Bn, at Peronne

Sgt Ernest Lawrence and Nurse Clarice Daley

Cpl Thabet Suby, 28th Bn (a Muslim in the AIF)

Ethel Campbell – the girl with the flags

Australian Diggers abroad after the war

FFFAIF Western Front Tour 2010: memories

History of 31st Battalion – material sought

2nd Pioneers at Montbrehain and High Tree

Arthur Coad, 2nd Pioneers (follow-up to D34)

The Garth family at war

Cpl Frederick Litchfield, 12th Bn

Pte Henry Mason, 5th Battalion

Pte Sydney Strike, 30th Battalion (1916 diary)

Johan’s mural at Polygon Wood

L/Cpl Reginald Kemp, APC

Trooper Edward Kemp, APC/5th LHR

Staff Sgt Raymond Kemp, 2nd LHR/Dental

Lieut Frederick Bowra, 4th FCE

The Macumber brothers of Inglewood

Lieut George Thompson, 1st FCE – poet

Pte Frederick Milgate, 7th Battalion

The boys from Cranbury (54th Bn) at Fromelles

War trophy at Goulburn

Lewis (28th Bn) and Frank Marshall (51st Bn)

Cpl Jack Ison, 3rd Bn (follow-up to D34 article)

Etched In Stone

DIGGER Quiz No. 35 (Authors)

Anzac Day commemorations at Ieper, 2011

Answers to DIGGER Quiz No. 35