Book Auction ends: 08/09/12

This week’s Book Auction commenced on Monday 3rd September. The funds raised from the sale of the books will go towards the John Laffin Memorial Fund, with the final bidding taking place on Saturday 8th September.

These books are currently being auctioned on eBay. See more details by clicking on the following links:
From Dug-Out & Billet An Officer’s letters to his Mother

Temporary Heroes by Cecil Sommers

Make Me a Soldier
A Platoon Commander In Gallipoli

by Arthur Behrends

My Warrior Sons
The Borton Family Diary

Edited by Guy Slater

Made In The Trenches 
Edited by
Sir Frederick Treves & George Goodchild

Great First World War Stories – Omnibus

No Joke by Crascredo
Illustrated by G.D. Armour

Humour In The Army
by John Aye

Letters From Flanders
by A.D. Gillespie

After Victory
by An Amateur Officer




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