Geoffrey Serle’s mistaken portrayal of Charles Bean in his biography of John Monash, Anne Carroll  3-11

A fallen Digger: Sgt 719 Walton Grayson DCM, 4th LHR, Andrew Pittaway  12-21

Christmas billies 1916: thank-you letters from Pte 2315 Joseph Cook, 4th  LHR, and his

wife, found on Trove  21

An anti-tank gun at Villers-Bretonneux, from 30th Bn magazine, sourced by Bill Durrant  22

They Simply Fade Away (Part 1), Chs 1 & 2, Pte 2759A John Williamson, 48th Bn  23-31

Snapshot of the 17th Bn (No. 2): Pte 588 William Jackson VC, Greg Smyth  31

Sister Rebecca Williams, AANS, Mike Davis 32-34

Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th Fld Amb, Vol II (1916), Part 8, contrib. by Tim Lycett  35-38

Pte 3309 Thomas Henry Herket, 2nd & 53rd Bns, Patrick Bourke & Graeme Hosken  39-41

Spr 21880 Keith Tweedy, 8th  FCE, & his father, Hon Lieut Robert Tweedy, Red Cross Society, Nora Mines & Graeme Hosken  41

Patrolling No-man’s land stories: ‘On Patrol’ by Alexander Eaton & ‘Night Patrol’ by Jas. Pollard, found on Trove  42-45

Spr 19274 Robert Raw, 1st Signal Squadron, Graeme Hosken   46-47

1915 letter: Cpl 1009 Bryan Francis, 10th Bn, found on Trove  48-52

Memoir: ‘France. The Trench. The Hell Babes & Some Others,’ Sgt 805 Charles Harris MM, 42nd Bn  53-68

The 16th Battalion and the Gallipoli Landing, Neville Browning OAM  69-72

1915 and 1916 letters relating to Capt John Wesley Blacket, 27th Bn, found on Trove  73

A Digger and his bride, Heather Ford & Graeme Hosken  74


Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details  2

AIF humour: ‘Memories of Digger days’ & a cartoon  11, 45, 47

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery  75

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