The ANZAC Buffet, Sydney, Greg Knight  3-5

The famous photograph of men of the 9th Field Ambulance, Greg Ogle  6-8

1916 letter: Pte 576 George Howard MM, 20th Bn, found on Trove  9

Photograph of John Lyons Gray, author of ‘Red Dust’, contrib. by Evan Evans  9

Pte 2627A Reginald Chapman, 49th Bn, Graeme Hosken  10

Airman RW Coutts describes a battle in the air, found on Trove  11-13

Postscript: Sgt 1682 Roy Whitcombe Coutts, 57th Bn AIF, later lieutenant, RFC and 7th  14-16

Bedford Infantry Regiment, British Army, Graeme Hosken

Australian troops returning on the Empress of Asia via the Panama Canal, Cherie Gibbs  16

Pte 453 Robert Hennessey, 34th Bn, David Harrower  17

Chivalry in No-man’s land, contrib. by Geoffrey Benn  18-20

Postscript: letters to Base Records Office from Mrs Driscoll, Graeme Hosken  21-22

Scott Post in Polygon Wood, courtesy of Nick Mol  22

Straight socks, Bill Durrant  23

Tpr 536 Peter Almond, 6th LHR, Graeme Hosken  24-25

Welcome home at Macedon: an unexpected reply, found on Trove  25

Pte 145 Alexander Kippen, 9th Bn, Graeme Hosken and Bev Cameron  26-31

Order of claim to the 1967 Gallipoli Medallion, found in NAA record  31

Diaries of L/Cpl William Lycett, 4th Fld Amb, Vol II (1916), Part 9, contrib. by Tim Lycett 32-35

Turkish monument to bravery, Barry Stevenson  35

Wartime diary of Pte 2823 Albert Horton, 41st & 44th Bns, Sue Tongue & Graeme Hosken 36-50

They Simply Fade away (Part 2), Chs 3-5, Pte 2759A John Williamson, 48th Bn  51-58

Death of an Officer at Pozieres, Graeme Hosken  59-60

Pte 17277 Lawrence Brooks, 12th Field Ambulance, Jenny Shea  60-62

Cpl 1159 George Beamish Swanton, 24th Bn, David Harrower & Graeme Hosken  63

Lord Howe Island Diggers, Greg Knight  64-74


Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details  2

AIF anecdotes from Memories of Digger days, ‘The World’s News’  2

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75


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