New Association Act

The NSW Government revised the Incorporated Association Act in 2009 under which the Families and Friends of the First AIF Inc. is incorporated and its rules have authority. The Incorporated Association Regulation became effective on the 1st July 2010. An Association’s Rules are now called its Constitution and are required to address matters listed in a Schedule of the Act.

 The NSW Department of Fair Trading developed a model constitution covering all of these matters as well as a number of additional matters. Existing associations may adopt all or parts of the model constitution or modify parts of the model constitution. If an association’s constitution fails to address a matter outlined in the Schedule, the model constitution will apply in respect to that matter and will form part of the association’s constitution. Once a revised Constitution is adopted it is binding to both the association and its members.

The proposed Constitution for the Families and Friends of the First AIF will be considered at the FFFAIF’s Annual General Meeting in October. A copy of the proposed Constitution can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

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