Anzac Day in Sydney

The overcast weather did not deter an enthusiastic crowd from lining the streets of Sydney to cheer the veterans as they marched.

FFFAIF member Stuart Curry with a number of supporters dressed for the occasion in historic uniforms offered their support for the veterans. The photos taken in Sydney’s Hyde Park and the following information were supplied by Stuart.

Photo: (l to r) Scott Burns (Australian Flying Corps)
Alexandra Lucas (Australian Nurse)
Mark Bohm (Australian Light Horse)
Stuart Curry (Australian Artillery)
Mathew Peacock (Australian Navy)

The group fielded a large number of questions including those from a group of young air cadets who were very interested in the uniform of the First World War Australian Flying Corp.

Nurse Lucas was also very popular and was photographed with one World War II veteran who said “she reminds me of a nurse that looked after me during the war”.

If you are interested in finding out more about the uniforms worn by Stuart and his companions please contact Stuart by clicking here.

To find out more about Nurse Lucas’ poppy umbrella click here.

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