Talking Heads

On ABC1 at 6:30pm
MONDAY 8th November 2010

This week on Talking Heads’ Peter Thompson will interview Lambis Englezos on the forgotten diggers of Fromelles.

Photo: Lambis Englezos outside the construction site for the CWGC’s
Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Cemetery, June 2009 
[Hubert Huchett]

If you are unable to watch the broadcast then catch up with transcripts and video of the interview available on line (after the show) by clicking here.


The Families and Friends of the First AIF applauds the joint Australian–UK decision, to conduct a full DNA testing program on the remains of Australian and British soldiers found in mass graves at Pheasant Wood (Fromelles), and for their continuing commitment to identify as many of the fallen as is possible. We also thank the Australian, UK and French governments for affording dignified individual reburials for these soldiers, buried by German soldiers following the Battle of Fromelles on 19/20 July 1916, in the new Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery.  

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