Key Fromelles websites

Photo: Bearer Party at Re-burial Service January 2010
[Anny DeDecker]

A number of web-sites provide an overview of the Battle of Fromelles, the search for the “missing” soldiers, the archaeological digs and the recovery and re-burial services.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission: Remembering Fromelles

Australian Army Fromelles Project Group: Don’t forget me Cobber

Fromelles Descendant Database Project: Fromelles Descendant Database

ABC NEWS Special: Fromelles Fallen

Fairfax Sydney Morning Herald: Pheasant Wood: The  Lost Diggers of Fromelles

 Royal British Legion Rheindahlen Branch (Germany) Report on the Reburial service of 30 January 2010

Association pour le Souvenir de la Bataille de Fromelles en 1916 / F.W.T.M. ,Fromelles Weppes Terre de Mémoire 1914-1918: Fromelles Museum

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