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The books for sale at the FFFAIF On-Line Book Fair have been kindly donated by Craig Laffin and family. The books formed part of the late John Laffin’s professional library.  The funds raised from the sale of these books will go towards the John Laffin Memorial Fund.

Please take time to browse the list of titles. For more information on each of the books including sale price, publisher and edition click here.
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The titles of the books up for sale are listed below alphabetically. The books will be sold on a ‘first in – first served’ basis.

Payment for the books PLUS postage will be accepted by EFT, cheque, money order or PayPal within 5 days of receipt of your purchase email. If payment is not received within this time the book will automatically be relisted for sale. No returns will be accepted. Postage costs will depend on the size and weight of the book. All books will be sent by pre-paid Australia Post Packages, starting at $7.85. Combined postage and Express Postage will be available. Postal charges will be advised to successful buyers. We are happy to post internationally.



Aldrich, Mildred A Hilltop on the Marne – Being   letters written June 3 – September 8 1914
Aldrich, Mildred On the Edge of the War Zone – from   the Battle of the Marne to the entrance of the Stars and Stripes
An Amateur Officer After Victory Appended note by   John Laffin on front cover
Atkinson, C. T. The History of the South Wales   Borderers 1914-1918 (Twenty Fourth Regiment)
Beaumont Harry Ed. Clarke-Kennedy   A.E. Old Contemptible – the true story   of how a hero of Mons, wounded and left behind, survived for nine months in   German occupied Belgium and escaped to England
Birdwood Lord  Field Khaki and Gown – An Autobiography   by Field Marshal Lord Birdwood of   ANZAC and Totnes. With a   Foreword by Winston Churchill. Includes a handwritten note, on embossed   Government of India notepaper, accepting a dinner invitation for Lord   Birdwood from Capt Davis & the officers 1st K.G.O. Gurkha Rifles, dated Aug   19th ‘21.
By the Author of “Where’s   Master?” and “Like English Gentlemen” Jack Cornwell: The Story of John   Travers Cornwell, V.C. ” Boy 1st Class” (The Battle of Jutland June   1916)
Bygott, John Two Soldier Brothers: Lt. Bert   Wood, M.C. and Bar, Hampshire Reg & RFC – and Lt. Ted Wood, 1st Royal   Scot Fusiliers – compiled and chronicled from their letters, papers etc
Campbell, R. W. The Mixed Division  – A tribute to the Scottish Lowland Brigades
CAREY G and SCOTT H An Outline History of the Great   War
Cassar George H. Kitchener: Architect of Victory
Chapman, Guy A Passionate Prodigality:   Fragments of Autobiography (July 1915 to demobilisation in 1919)
Cooper Duff Haig
Cornwall James Haig As Military Commander
CRASCREDO No Joke – Mr Armour’s sketches   from Punch and stories
Davidson Sir John Maj.Gen Haig: Master of the Field
Dawson, A. J. (Capt) &   Bairnsfather, Bruce (Capt) Somme Battle Stories: Recorded by   Captain A. J. Dawson  and Illustrated   by Captain Bruce Bairnsfather
Dewar George A.B. Sir Douglas Haig’s Command Dec.   1915-Nov.1918 Vol.1
DOS PASSOS John Mr Wilson’s War
Durrell Rev.J.C.V. Whizzbangs and Woodbines Tales of   Work and Play on the Western Front (Chief Commissioner of the Church Army)
Edey John F. From Lone Pine to Murray Pine: The   Story of a Soldier Settler (Autographed by the Author)
Edmonds, Charles A Subaltern’s War – being a memoir   of the Great War from the point of view of a romantic young man, with candid   accounts of two particular battles, written shortly after they occurred, and   as an essay on militarism
ESHER Reginald The Tragedy of Lord Kitchener
Falkenhayn, Erich (General) General Headquarters 1914-1916 and   its Critical Decisions
Field Officer The Love Letters of a Subaltern   (December 1915 to July 1916)
Hamilton Sir Ian General A Staff Officer’s Scrapbook During   the Russo-Japanese War by General Sir Ian Hamilton
Hankey, Donald A Student in Arms: Lt. Donald   Hankey’s articles published in the “Spectator” until KIA on the   Somme in October 1916
Hankey, Lord The Supreme Command 1914-1918:   Volume Two
Hargrave John The Suvla Bay Landing
Harington Charles Plumer of Messines by General Sir   Charles Harington
Harney, W.E. Bill Harney’s War (Introduced by   Manning Clark)
Harvey H.E. Battle-Line Narratives 1915-1918 –   a collection of very short narrative passages from soldiers
Hay, Ian The First Hundred Thousand: Being   the Unofficial Chronicle of a Unit of “K(1)”
(Kitcheners New Army) by Ian Hay, “The Junior Sub”
Headley Brothers The Year 1918 Illustrated: A   Record of Notable Achievements and Events (10th Year of Issue)
Home, Big Gen Sir Archibald The Diary of a World War 1 Cavalry   Officer (Covering the retreat from Mons to the Armistice as seen by a Staff   Officer and Brigadier General of the Cavalry Corps)
Hornung E.W. Notes of a Camp Follower on the   Western Front Inc. note on the cover by John Laffin about the book’s merits
Housman, Laurence (Ed) War Letter of Fallen Englishmen
Junger Ernst The Storm of Steel;  From the Diary of a German Storm Officer on   the Western Front
Junger, Ernst Copse 125: A Chronicle from the   Trench Warfare of 1918
Longworth Philip The Unending Vigil: History of the   Commonwealth War Graves Commission 1917-1967
Macquarrie, Hector (Royal Field   Artillery) How to Live at the Front: Tips for   American Soldiers
Mann A.J. Wood William The Salonika Front
Middlebrook, Martin (Ed) The Diaries of Pte Worace   Bruckshow Royal Marine Light infantry 1915-1916 (January 1915 through   Gallipoli and the Western Front to November 1916 – KIA Capture of Gavrelle   Windmill, Battle of Arras 28 April 1917)
Muir, Ward The Happy Hospital
No. 31540 RAMC Fields and Battlefields   (Reflections from the Royal Army Medical Corps 1915-1916?)
Official Sources A brief record of the Advance of   the Egyptian Expeditionary Force  July   1917-Oct 1918
Phillip, Norman (Mjr) Holland and the Canadians
Plummer Mary   Lt. With the First Canadian Contingent   Inc. pasted in pictures
Price, G. Ward The Story of the Salonica Army   (Second Edition)
Rawlinson, George A Memoir of Major-General Sir   Henry Creswicke Rawlinson (With an Introduction by Field Marshal Lord Roberts   of Kandahar V.C.)
Sandes Flora An English Woman-Sergeant in the   Serbian Army
Sandes, Flora An English Woman-Sergeant in the   Serbian Army
Secrett Serg.T. Twenty Five years with Earl Haig
Seeger, Alan Letters and Diary of Alan Seeger   (an American poet who joined the Foreign Legion and was KIA 31 July 1916 at   Belloy-en-Santrerre
Seligman V.J. The Salonika Side Show
Slater, Guy (Ed) My Warrior Sons: The Borton Family   Diary 1914-1918 – The story of Bosky (Arthur) V.C. and Biffy – Gallipoli,   Western Front, RFC in Palestine as known to the family in the UK
SLOWE Peter and Woods Richard Fields of Death
Smith, Aubrey Four years on the Western Front,   by a Rifleman – Being the experiences of a Ranker in the London Rifle Brigade   (also winner of M.M. & Bar)
Smyth Sir John VC Leadership in Battle 1914-1918
SOMMERS Cecil Temporary Heroes (Letters from   February 1915 to July 1916)
The Countess Haig The Man I Knew
Thornton Guy With the ANZACS in Cairo The Tale   of a Great Fight
Warner, Phillip Passchendaele: The Story Behind   the Tragic Victory of 1917
Wavell  Viscount Allenby – Soldier and and   Statesman by Field Marshal Viscount Wavell
Wedd, Monty Australian Military Uniforms   1800-1982
Weintraub, Stanley A Stillness Heard Around the   World: The End of the Great War: November 1918
Woodward, David R Lloyd George and the Generals
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