24 April 2019 ANZAC Day Service at Fromelles

ANZAC Day was commemorated in the village of Fromelles on Wednesday 24 April, commencing with a dawn service at the Cobbers statue in the Australian Memorial Park.

The following photos,2019 Fromelles ANZAC Service 24 April 2019 supplied by Carole Laignel, FFFAIF member and Secretary of the F.W.T.M 14 (Fromelles Weppes Terre de Memoire or Fromelles Weppes land of Remembrance, show that the Commemoration was held on a sunny morning with some clouds with some wind and temperatures of about 18C. Carole has provided a copy of the Order of Service (click here to see 2019 Fromelles ANZAC Service 24 April 2019).



Students of the Pulteney Grammar School from Adelaide honoured one of the students  killed during the Battle of Fromelles.






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Fromelles: a veritable Hell , Lieut George Wilson, X5A MTMB, compiled by Phillip Mannell 3-8

Bdr 1319 Thomas Throsby (Smyth) King MM, 6 LHR/15 FAB/14 FAB , Geoff Lewis 9-13

Memories of Digger Days (1), found on Trove 13

Lieutenant Colonel Marcus William Logan, CO 35 Bn , Bill Durrant 14

Memoirs of Pte 2369 Verdi Schwinghammer, 42 Bn (Part 5), edited by Graeme Hosken 15-21

Memories of Digger Days (2) , found on Trove 21

Cpl 541 William Henry Winstanley MM, 21 Bn/APC , Trevor Munro 22-25

Soldier’s letter 1915: Pte 59 Donald Hood, 27 Bn: a ‘Southland’ survivor, found on Trove 25

Pte 5696 William Frederick Grady, 2 Bn, Geoff Lewis 26

ER/2 Cpl 2792 Donald Ross, 21 Bn/2 DTC/APC, Graeme Hosken 27-28

Dates of FFFAIF functions to be held in Sydney in 2019 28

The horrors of war (letter 1915): Pte 897 James Morieson, 14 Bn , found on Trove 29

For Valour: The New Zealand VC recipients 1918 (Part 1) , Geoff Lewis 30-33

Soldier’s letter 1915: Pte 1129 William Smith, 21 Bn, found on Trove 34-35

Memories of Digger Days (3) , found on Trove 35

What Anzac means to me, General Henri Gouraud, French Army, contrib. by Bill Durrant 36-37

Soldier’s letter 1916: Cpl 755 Frank Steed, 30 Bn, contrib. by Tim Lycett 37

Pte 3656 Clarence George Howard, 54 Bn, Graeme Hosken and John Skene 38-39

Poem: ‘Blank Fire’, Lieutenant William Thomas Barnes, 25 Bn, found on AWM website Pte 87 Thomas John Stevenson, 26 Bn, Barry Stevenson and Graeme Hosken 40

Lieut John Timothy Maguire MC , Evan Evans with K Chamberlain, P Nelson and D Nelson 45-71

Dvr 2039 Charles Richard Harnell, 2 LHR/11 FAB , Graeme Hosken 72-74

Soldier’s letter, 1916 : Pte 614 Mervyn Dayman, 25 Bn/2 MG Bn, found on Trove 74


Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75


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National network of Headstone Projects gathering in Canberra

Representatives from The Headstone Project in Tasmania and similar projects in South Australia, Victoria, NSW, and Western Australia gathered in Canberra on Saturday 13 April 2019 as a follow-on from the Headstone Projects Roundtable session in Hobart in  December that shared experiences between several “Headstone Projects” and contemplated development of a national network to encourage and support current and future local initiatives.

Chaired by Andrea Gerrard, Chairman, The Headstone Project, Tasmania the gathering included Marcus Allan, Vice Chairman, The Headstone Project, Tasmania; John Brownlie, Chair South Australian Headstones Project; Neil Rossiter, Vice -Chair South Australian Headstones Project; Lambis Englezos, FFFAIF Honorary member and member of the RSL VIC War Graves Committee; Shay Webster, Integrated Marketing Manager – RSL Western Australia; Gary Mitchell, Friends of Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle WW1 researcher; John Thomas, Forgotten Diggers Project; Jenny Pearsall, Friends of Balmoral Queensland; Jim Munro, President FFFAIF and Paul Simadas, Vice President FFFAIF.

Special guests included Kerry Russell, Manager, Unmarked First World War Graves Program, Office of Australian War Graves and Martin Farrell, Director War Graves Operations, OAWG and Professor Peter Dennis, Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), a campus of UNSW and the creator of the AIF Project database. Mr Chris Widenbar, Executive Officer, Office of the Director, Australian War Memorial on behalf or the AWM hosted the gathering.

Ms Kerry Russell outlined the ‘Unmarked First World War Graves Program’ followed by discussion of issues related to the processing of applications for grants and approvals and funding for unmarked graves of veterans of The Great War. The two-year $420,000 pilot program announced in February provides for grants of up to $450 towards the cost of placing a headstone on the unmarked graves of First World War veterans who died after returning from the war. Click here for Unmarked First World War Graves OAWG Program documents.

After Andrea Gerrard shared the experiences of The Tasmanian Headstone Project, updates were provided on projects in Victoria by Lambis Englezos, in South Australia by John Brownlie and Neil Rossiter, in NSW by John Thomas and Gary Mitchell, Western Australia by Shay Webster and  Queensland by Jenny Pearsal.

Discussions on how the various Headstone Projects would be able to share their experiences and benefit from the experiences and support of the other projects followed. This included discussion of shared values, aims and purposes along with discussion of advocacy, sharing knowledge and obtaining economies in procuring supplies, equipment and people to assist local projects.

Professor Peter Dennis outlined the AIF Project Database and with Jim Munro led discussion of enhancing the database  by adding date of death, grave locations, photographs and linking with other sources of information.

The gathering not only enabled experiences to be shared between several “Headstone Projects” but identified particular experiences and areas of competence developed that could be shared eg guidelines for volunteers, procurement arrangements, accessing Work for the Dole schemes, and minimizing costs for death certificates, web sites etc.  The gathering also contemplated further development of a national network to encourage and support current and future local initiatives and resolved to next meet on Saturday 16th November in Melbourne

Groups interested establishing a local Headstone Project or joining the network of Headstone Projects can do so by emailing enquiries@theheadstoneproject.org

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2/3 of the Diggers from Pheasant Wood now have their own headstones

19 July 2018 Headstone rededications.
Photographs by Carole Laignel [Click on images to enlarge]

The names of 233 or 93% of the 250 soldiers buried by the German Reserve Bavarian Infantry Regiment soldiers following the Battle of Fromelles are known.

The graves of 166 or 66% of the 250 soldiers whose remains were recovered from the communal pits near Pheasant Wood, Fromelles in French Flanders and were reburied with full military honours in the new Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery in 2010 are now identified with their names.

The names of a further 67 soldiers are known to be buried in the Cemetery along with 17 whose identity is not known.  Identifying these 84 soldiers remains the challenge that can only be solved now by matching the soldier’s DNA with that of a descendant. These are some of the 1,100 Australian soldiers killed in the Battle of Fromelles on the night of 19th July, 1916 and continuing into the 20th with no known grave.  (1,333 Australian soldiers were listed as having no known grave less 233 now known to have been buried near Pheasant Wood).

The 2019 Fromelles Identification Board has revealed the names of 7 more Australian soldiers who will have their names inscribed on individual headstones. They are:

  • 352 Private Arthur George BATT 32nd Bn. A.I.F. age 32 of Hilton, South Australia.
  • 77 Lance Corporal John Alexander CRAWFORD 32nd Bn. A.I.F. age 30 of Hindmarsh, South Australia
  • 641 Private Leslie Clark DUNN 31st Bn. A.I.F. age 28 of West Melbourne, Victoria
  • 1291 Private George HONEY 32nd Bn. A.I.F. age 31 of West Guilford, Western Australia
  • 4188 Private Edward James HOPE 54th Bn. A.I.F. age 28 of Penrith, New South Wales.
  • 715 Lance Corporal Ralph JOHNSON 32nd Bn. A.I.F. age 19 of Middle Brighton, Victoria
  • 3433 Private Peter Paul SHANNON 53rd Bn. A.I.F. age 35 of Merriwa, New South Wales.


Photo: DNA procedures
[2009 Oxford Archaeology. CWGC]

The identification of these soldiers follows at least 100 submissions made to the Joint Identifications Board for consideration in March, 2019, mostly by the Fromelles Association supported by DNA samples fr0m descendants. (See Seeking Fromelles DNA matches.)

Privates Batt, Dunn, Honey, Hope and Shannon’s names were on the original Working List developed for the Fromelles Project in 2008 based on the research and advocacy of Lambis Englezos OAM and his team. The Service Records of these soldier contained German documentation advising that their bodies had been buried by the German Army following the Battle. The name of Lance Corporal Ralph JOHNSON was added to the list following research by the Fromelles Descendants Database team who complied detailed family histories for most of the soldiers on the Working List. The Australian Army Fromelles Project Group subsequently called for descendants to register for DNA contributions and this more recently has been continued by the Unrecovered Casualties – Army unit and broadened to relatives of any soldier killed in the Battle of Fromelles with no known grave. This has enabled Lance Corporal Crawford also to be identified from DNA samples contributed by relatives.

A list of the names of the 233 Australian soldiers known to be buried in the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery including the names of the 166 soldiers identified so far is available from enquiries@fffaif.org.au.

Anyone who believes that they are related to one of the Australian soldiers who are still missing from the Battle of Fromelles are invited to register their details with Unrecovered War Casualties – Army at https://army.govcms.gov.au/forms/uwc-a-online-registration-form.


  Thought to be buried by the Germans Identified with named head-stones Identified from Original Working List Identified from
Munich and FromellesDatabase research
Identified but not on Working List
Soldiers identified 233 166 125 5 36
Soldiers recovered 250 250      
Source of soldiers’ names 93% 66% 75% 3% 22%


Jim Munro
26 March 2019

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Memoirs of the 47 Battalion , Major John T Jones MC, RMO 47 Bn (AAMC) 3-18

Major Harold Charles Howden MC & Bar, 13 , 45 & 48 Bns, Graeme Hosken 19-24

For Valour: forgotten VCs of Russia 1919: Sgt Pearse & Cpl Sullivan, Geoff Lewis 25-27

Gallant death of Pte 1019 Henry Carseldine, 27 Bn, Chaplain WJ Stevens, 27 Bn 27

SA war artists: H Septimus Power & Pte 17954 John Charles Goodchild, Judith Green 28-29

Soldier poet: L/Sgt Leon Gellert, 9 FAmb, Judith Green 29-31

Letters: Pte 266 Robert Orchard, 2 FAmb & Sgt 2479 Noel Brinkley, 27 Bn, from Trove 31

The Duffin brothers: Pte 856 George, 18 Bn & Pte 391 Richard Duffin, 19 Bn, G Hosken 32-36

Soldier’s letter 1916: Pte 4473 Roy Ryan, 1 Bn, found on Trove 36

To save a comrade’s life: Pte 3021 Matthew Sowden, 45 Bn , contrib. by Angie Little 37

Colour spread, photos contrib. by J Skene, D Roubroeks, C Laignel, L Coman, G Hosken 38-39

Memoirs of Pte 2369 Verdi Schwinghammer, 42 Bn (Part 4), edited by Graeme Hosken 40-45

Pte 2851 Daniel McKenzie, 42 Bn , Graeme Hosken 46

Gallipoli samurai: Sgt 754 Harry Freame , Brian Tate, contrib. by Bill Durrant 47-51

The work of the 2 Pioneer Battalion in 1918 , some figures from Neville Browning’s book 51

19 July men: Cpl 1252 Alfred Tuck, 29 Bn & Cpl 1520 William Ryan, 31 Bn, Geoff Lewis 52-58

Colonel Reynell & the 9 LHR at Hill 60 , Tpr 788 WC Dunstall, 9 LHR, 5 DAC, 13 FAB 58

Lieut Alfred Farleigh MC, 33 Bn , Graeme Hosken and John Skene 59-61

Tpr 2954 Garnet Mawbey, 7 LHR, Trevor Munro 62-64

Sydney University men in the Great War & work of John Le Gay Brereton , John Ramsland 65-74


Regular features

Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2

Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75

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Australian DIGGER stories on-line

The Families and Friends of the First AIF has brought its vast collection of Australian DIGGER stories on-line for its Members.

First Issue 2002  and 2003

All 78 editions of DIGGER published from October 2002 are now available for reading on-line or downloading to FFFAIF Members. Comprising more than 4,000 pages of Australian DIGGER stories, the focus is on the stories of individual soldiers, the majority of which were published for the first time in DIGGER and provided by FFFAIF members.



DIGGER_70_Mar20 DIGGER_71_Jun20 DIGGER_72_Sep20 DIGGER_73_Dec20


DIGGER_62_Mar18  DIGGER_63_Jun18  DIGGER_64_Sep18  DIGGER_65_Dec18

By browsing the “wall” of cover images under the DIGGER drop down menu, individual issues may be selected and the Table of Contents viewed.
To assist in locating stories, the Tables of Contents have been consolidated and are able to be searched using the web-site Search feature or can be downloaded and searched.
Researchers and those interested in soldier stories of the Great War will be able to search for individual soldiers, places and battles.

FFFAIF Members are able to access the full back catalogue of Australian DIGGER stories on-line, free of charge.
Non-members have the opportunity to purchase casual copies of DIGGER or apply for FFFAIF Membership to gain access to the pass-word protected Members-only area of the website. To assist in locating references to individual soldiers and their units, comprehensive indexes are available in the Members Area.

FFFAIF Members and the DIGGER team, in the back catalogue of Australian DIGGER stories on-line, have built a “national resource”.  There are stories relating to thousands of members of the First AIF, now available on-line and free of charge to Members. There are many stories yet to be told and Members and other researchers are invited to submit stories for publication to editor@fffaif.org.au.

Acknowledgements and credits for the DIGGER Team:

The Contributors, mostly FFFAIF members, who have told or shared their stories or items of interest.
FFFAIF Secretary Graeme Hosken has edited issues 9-78. Inaugural President Craig Laffin edited issues 1-8.
Past President Russell Curley has been the proof-reader for all issues and compiled the Index for issues 1-24. Geoff Lewis has compiled the Indexes for issues 25-65. Kelly Henderson has developed the consolidated index.
Aaron and the team at the Colour Copy Shop at Dubbo have printed issues 22 to 78. Former Membership Secretary Alan Kitchen printed earlier issues. Past Committee Member Trevor Munro has assisted in packaging and distribution of DIGGER.
FFFAIF’s former Web-Manager Chris Bartolo set up many of the web postings for issues 1-49 and Past President Russell Curley and President Jim Munro have extended these.

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The impact of the Great War, Sue Tongue 3-4
‘Overheard on a train’, anon. reporter, ‘Burnie Advocate’, 1931 4
Report on 2018 John Laffin Memorial Lecture Day, Paul Simadas 5-6
1917 letter: Pte 3774 Fred Chin, 19th Bn, found on Trove 6
2nd Lieut Jacques d’Alpuget, 54th Bn, Matt Smith 7-11
Memories of Amiens in 1916,
‘AIF’ (anon. Digger), found on Trove 11
1916 letter: Pte 433 Joseph Smith, 5th MG Bn, found on Trove 12-13
1917 letter: WOI George Whitehead, AAMC, found on Trove 13
Battle of the Lys Centenary at Merris, John Payne 14
Boy soldier stowaways, contrib. by Bill Durrant 15-16
1918 letter: Pte 3762 Bert Bishop, 55th Bn, contrib. by Pam Goesch 16
Memoirs of Pte 2369 Verdi Schwinghammer, 42nd Bn (Part 3), edited by Graeme Hosken 17-21
Pte 1926 Clarence Gordon, 54th/1st Bns, contrib. by Lesley Abrahams 22-24
How soldiers go to bed: (probably) Dvr 1620 James Hodson, contrib. by Bill Durrant 24
Pte 2653 Harold Edwards, 20th Bn, Val McKenzie 25-26
1917 letters: Pte 3312 Eric Millard, 3rd Bn, found on Trove 26
‘Murphy of Anzac’: Simpson’s donkeys, by ‘Ex-Captain’, contrib. by Bill Durrant 27-29
Armistice Day memories, (probably) Pte 2871 Harold Preston, found on Trove 29
Account of trench raid, Sgt 2682 Albert Green, 9th Bn, and AWM artefacts, found on Trove 30-33
Spr 868 Alec Gollan, 19th Bn/5th FCE, Trevor Munro 34-35
‘I got you those’, ‘Hplar’ (unknown Digger) in ‘Smith’s Weekly’, found on Trove 35
‘Sandbags’: Lieut RSM Sturges, British Army, contrib. by Bill Durrant 36-37
‘Stiffness’, ‘Franzac’ (unknown. Digger) in ‘Smith’s Weekly’ 37
How the Diggers in France reacted to the Armistice, Graeme Hosken 38-41
When did Australia receive news of the Armistice? Graeme Hosken 42-44
Armistice Day sadness for Cumnock family, Val McKenzie 45
Captain Ken Millar, 2nd Bn, and the Armistice, contrib. by Patric Millar 46
For Valour: Australian VC recipients 1918 (Part 5), 18 Sep to 5 Oct, Geoff Lewis 47-56
Ned’s nephew: Pte 2002B Fred Foster, 17th Bn, David Creenaune & Graeme Hosken 57-60
‘Some gargle’, ‘Musha’ (unknown Digger) in ‘Smith’s Weekly’, found on Trove 60
The men from Myrrhee: a town’s pictorial honour roll, Evan Evans 61-73
The Armistice: memories and hopes, Gnr 3289 Edwin Davidson, 13th FAB, found on Trove 73
November 11, 1918: The Armistice in Syria, Captain Hector Dinning, AASC/WRS 74
Regular features
Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75

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Montbrehain: the AIF’s last battle of the war, Evan Evans 3-8
Ptes 6509 Huntsman, 6987 Eacott, 7th Bn, and 6831 Neilson, 8th Bn, Andrew Pittaway 9-10
SALIENT: Contemporary artists at the Western Front (exhibition), Compiled by Jill Hayes 11-12
The legacy of Pte 6020 Douglas Grant, 13th Bn, John Ramsland 13-23
Cpl Vine’s grave at Camden, found on Trove 23
Stories of SA brothers in the AIF, Judith Green 24-28
Postcard from opening of Australian National Memorial 1938, Greg Knight 28
Memoirs of Pte 2369 Verdi Schwinghammer, 42nd Bn (Part 2), edited by Graeme Hosken 29-33
Captain David Martin MC, 12th MG Company (4th MG Bn), Greg O’Reilly 34-41
Sgt 191 Albert Tuck, 4th Bn, and the floating cross, Bill Durrant 42-43
Bill’s choice: gunner’s bravery at Cape Helles, found on Trove 43
Cpl 372 Charles Lane and Private 648 Reinhold Ruschpler, 4th MG Bn, Graeme Hosken 44-49
Ptes 2736 Alexander Levings and 2737 Norman Levings, 7th Bn, Stephen Brooks 50-51
Soldiers’ memories: Misplaced kindness; Hard luck Digger; Duckboards, found on Trove 51
Ptes 3639 V Gardner, 54th Bn, & 3160 CC Wheeler, 4th Bn, Kerry Patman & Graeme Hosken 52-59
Soldiers’ accounts of Hamel and Amiens 1918, found on Trove 60-62
For Valour: Australian VC recipients 1918 (Part 4: 31 Aug – 12 Sept), Geoff Lewis 63-73
Pte 1881 Samuel Baguley, 17th Bn, Graeme Hosken 74
Regular features
Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75

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Captain Alick Burgess, 11th Bn, Graeme Hosken with Ross Burgess 3-16
Post-traumatic stress disorders and shell-shock in WWI, Jessica Bourke, JLMHP recipient 17-20
Book release: ‘The Little Stowaway’, Vicki Bennett 21-22
Soldier’s letter: Pte (later Lieut) 927 Vincent Callen, 34th Bn, contrib. by Bill Durrant 23-24
Battle of Hamel, Pte Percy 2183 Koosachi [served as Kookoosachi], 13th Bn 24
2nd Lieut Hugh Massie, 22nd Bn, Contrib. by Darryl Massie 25-26
Sgt 3509 George Miller DCM, MM, 26th Bn, Val McKenzie 27-29
Spr 3988 Patrick Minogue, 2nd ATC, Graeme Hosken 30-32
Extracts from 29th Bn unit diary for 28/29 July, 1918, Lieut Col J McArthur 32
Letter: Lieut Harold Neumann (HP Nyman), 44th Bn, contrib. by Sandra Playle 33
The devoted Anzac: Pte 1146 Tasman Millington, 26th Bn, contrib. by Charles Davis 34-37
The 9th Brigade at Villers-Bretonneux, 4 April, 1918, contrib. by Bill Durrant 38
Tpr 2947 Wilfred Steele, 3rd LHR, contrib. by Bill Durrant 39
Soldier’s letter 1917: Pte 6319 Thomas Dobson, 22nd Bn, found on Trove 39
Memoirs of Pte 2639 Verdi Schwinghammer, 42nd Bn (Part 1), edited by Graeme Hosken 40-47
Member profile: Danielle Roubroeks, photographer, Belgium, Danielle with Geoff Lewis 48
Pte 2594 Bertie Knight, 7th Bn, Stephen Brooks 49
‘A war-wrecked generation’, Nathaniel Sgambellone, JLMHP recipient 50-54
‘The Drink Evil’, unknown WA soldier, found on Trove 54
For Valour: Australian VC recipients 1918 (Part 3: August), Geoff Lewis 55-64
Battle of Chuignes – Monster Gun captured, Lieut Gen Sir John Monash, found on Trove 64
Rededication of City of Liverpool Cenotaph, Sue Tongue 65
Letter: Spr 522 Jack Fahey, 2nd ATC, found on Trove 66-67
The Americans at Hamel, found on Trove 67
Soldiers’ letters from 1918, found on Trove 68
After the war – ‘the Amiens Three’, contrib. by Charles Davis 69-73
Diggers who want work, found on Trove 73
Abstract: Memorialisation of Queanbeyan’s service history, Jodi Adams, JLMHP recipient 74
Regular features
Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75

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Lieut Francis William Goodwin MC, 8th Bn, Evan Evans and Heather Armstrong 3-23
Medical diagram found in service record of Lieut AO Duprez, 3rd Bn, Graeme Hosken 23
Billeting of 26th Bn in Belgium after the Armistice, Claire Dujardin and Alison McCallum 24-25
Search for Belgian man’s Aussie great-grandfather, Claire Dujardin 25-26
Cpl 746 John Tomlinson, 1st LHR/Provost Corps, Trevor Munro 27-29
Poem: ‘The soldier’s prayer’, found by Heather (Frev) Ford on Trove 29
Gallipoli memoirs: Pte 175 James Lewis, 23rd Bn, found on Trove 30-31
Pte 1746 David Gow, 45th Bn, Val McKenzie 32-37
Colour spread: Photos relating to the AIF in France 1918, Various contributors 38-39
Voices of Birralee: Australia’s Centenary Choir, Julie Christiansen OAM, with Geoff Lewis 40
Gallipoli Memoirs: Pte 771 Garnet Rundle, 12th Bn, found on Trove 41-44
Lieut Horace Gilchrist, 7th LHR, Stephen Brooks 45
Battlefield burial of Thomas, Russell, McGannon and Sims, 23rd Bn, Graeme Hosken 46-55
Lieut William Salvatori, 34th Bn: the man who lost his memory, Bill Durrant 56
Pte 2721 Robert Tibbs, 2nd Bn, remembered at Blayney, contrib. by Tony Nixon 57-58
Letter from 1917: Pte 876 Leslie Carter, 8th/46th Bns, found on Trove 58
The war after the war, Tina Horsfall, John Laffin History Prize recipient, Deakin University 59-62
Volunteers sought to help with Kyoomba RSL Project, Graeme Hosken and Deb Wheeler 62
Battle of Lys Centenary at Merris and Vieux Berquin, April 2018, John Payne 63-65
For Valour: Australian VC recipients 1918 (Part 2: June and July), Geoff Lewis 66-74
Pte 4794 Waldimar Anderson, 32nd Bn, Bill Durrant 74
Regular features
Trench Talk and Contact/Membership details 2
Etched in Stone, Russell Curley and Jim Corkery 75

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